Goblin Slayer who trains an army for a mission to exterminate Goblins was Crunchyroll’s most talked-about anime series. It captivated the audience’s interest and became more intense with every passing episode. Fans are desperate to know about Goblin Slayer season 2. Luckily, Animation studio White Fox and the team in charge of bringing the second season.

The unique concept, powerful characters made the audience crave for the second season. The show only ran for one season and had a total of 12 episodes. If you want to know more about it, catch it all here.

Goblin Season 2

To get good conclusions it has become mandatory for the makers to release the second season. The Japanese anime series story revolves around a man who has a motto to exterminate Goblins with extreme fairness. Reviews on the series were mostly positive however it also received backlash due to some controversial scenes involving goblins and human women. Goblin slayer anime season 2 was predicted to return in 2020 but sadly nothing is confirmed about the renewal of the show.


Goblin Slayer is not the main character of the show, the main character of the show is a girl named, “hero” She’s one of ten Platinum-ranked adventurers in the world. She is powerful enough and can accomplish everything she wants. Goblin Slayer as the name indicates wants to eradicate the Goblin for good. His life changes when he meets a special friend.

In the last episode of Goblin Slayer, He succeeded in defeating all the Goblins but things were still ambiguous for that fans need more clarification. The 2nd season will start from where the first season ended. It has been anticipated viewers will get to know the real names of the character and a sneak preview of Goblin Slayer’s past. Til then you can watch other similar anime series like Overlord, Yuri On Ice Season 2, or Ajin.

Goblin slayer season 2 release date

Things have been uncertain for the past one year due to the global pandemic Coronavirus. Many shows and movies that were scheduled to release in 2020 are postponed since none of the countries opened up their production department. A similar thing happened with Goblin Slayer as nothing has been discussed or shared about the renewal of the show.

When will goblin slayer return?

A famous Anime Japanese series written by a famous anime writer Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by none other than Noboru Kannatsuki gained a huge appreciation not only in Japan but all around the globe. Anime enthusiasts admired the unique concept and engaging storyline.  No confirmation has been made about goblin slayer season 2 release date and fans have their fingers crossed whether the show will ever hit the screen again or not.

Fun Facts

  • The first episode got immense fame as it was the first-ever darkest episodes of anime ever aired on television.
  • The rating dropped by 40% after the first episode of the show went on air.
  • It also has the weirdest thing that no character in the series seems to have a name.
  • All the characters are named after classes or the thing they’re best known for.
  • The immense popularity of the show resulted in spin-off series being developed over the years.

Characters of Goblin Slayer

As discussed above, none of the cast members has any specific name. Everyone in this anime series is based upon their classes or the quality they are best known for.

Characters of Goblin Slayer

  1. Goblin Slayer

The leading hero Goblin Slayer is voiced by Yūichirō Umeharam in Japanese and Brad Hawkins in English

  1. Priestess

Voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese); Hayden Daviau (English)

  1. CowGirl

Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi (Japanese); Brittany Lauda (English)

  1. Guild Girl

Voiced by: Maaya Uchida  (Japanese); Sara Ragsdale (English)

  1. High Elf Archer

Voiced by: Nao Tōyama  (Japanese); Mallorie Rodak  (English)

  1. Dwarf Shaman

Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese); Barry Yandell  (English)

  1. Lizard Priest

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese); Josh Bangle (English)

  1. Witch

Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa  (Japanese); Amanda Gish (English)

  1. Spearman

Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka  (Japanese); Kyle Igneczi (English)

  1. Sword Maiden

Voiced by: Aya Endō (Japanese); Meg McClain (English)

  1. Noble Fence

Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka

Wrapping up

Goblin Slayer managed to cater to the interest of anime enthusiasts however it is highly unlikely the show will ever return for the second season. The popularity of the show dropped by 40% after the first episode was released. Putting maker’s social media account, merchandise, and Google trends into account, it seems that the goblin slayer anime season 2 will never hit back screen again.


What is Goblin Slayer anime about?

The series is based upon a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series where a guy in armor exterminate all goblins he encounters. The story becomes intense when he meets a special friend.

How many episodes of goblin slayer season one had?

There were a total of 12 episodes of Goblin Slayer season one. If there will ever be a goblin slayer s2, the number of episodes again will be twelve.

Is Goblin Slayer available on Netflix?

Sadly, the Goblin slayer is not available on Netflix.

Will there be a goblin slayer season 2?

So far, no official confirmation has been made regarding goblin slayer season 2.