Are you the fan of ajin – the immortal, human-like creature with exceptional capabilities? People who find horror intriguing were following the show with great interest as it puts light on the lives of immortal and mysterious creatures named ajin. They can use their powers for wicked purposes.  Ajin is scheduled to be streamed by a giant streaming service, Netflix, worldwide.

Two seasons of the show have been premiered so far and did not give a single dull moment to the audience. The show created wows in terms of seriousness and mystery and attracted a plethora of people who were a fan of the horror genre. If you are interested in knowing about ajin season 3, cast, plot, renewal status then we’ve got you covered in this blog.

What is Ajin Anime?

Ajin anime was based upon the story written by the legendary artist Gamon Sakurai. Season 1 was exactly like manga but in season 2 many things had been changed and it did not follow the Manga. The different art style and graphics made the show worth watching. In case you are light-hearted and not a fan of action, adventure, or thrilling then the show is not for you.

Will there be a season 3 of Ajin?

After two successful ajin seasons, it is more likely that ajin will be renewed for season 3. There is no confirmed news regarding ajin demi human season 3, but fans are hopeful that the show will hit the screen again.

No teaser or trailer has been released for ajin season 3 so far, yet, it is more likely that the official news about the renewal of the show will be made anytime soon in 2020.

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What are the abilities and powers of ajin?

Here is the list of the main characteristics of ajin that differentiate them from the rest of the creature or humans.


The main trait that distinguishes them is that they are not born to die. No matter if they are completely crushed, decapitated, or have starved for several years, they will withstand the circumstance and will survive. Ajin wound can be healed within seconds and they even can regenerate any part of the body if it is crushed or broken.

Ajin can perform black specters

They can create black specters, not visible to humans yet other ajins can see it. This black matter allows the regeneration and helps in replacing any body part.  It also shows a different level of intelligence.

Paralyzing scream

Ajin can exploit paralyzing scream to hinder the nervous system, paralyzing everyone in their instant vicinity. The ability can only be countered by wearing any noise dampeners or earplugs.


Kei Nagai is an ordinary guy who studies in high school wants to become a doctor. Like other students, he was taught that ajins are dangerous and are not considered to be human. The real twist comes when he survives an accident that was purposely happened to claim his life. The accident signals his rebirth as ajin. He soon realizes that more species like him are closer to him than he thinks.  Considering the abilities of ajin and also keeping in mind the fact that they can use their powers for wicked purposes. The government remains in a continuous struggle to find ajin and use them to perform a cruel experiment.

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Wrapping up

Ajin: demi human is one of the most reverted anime fantasy series with two seasons already been prepared. People found this series extremely intriguing. Many more secrets regarding the universe are yet to be unfolded by the mysterious creature. Fans are desperate for the third season however makers have not decided whether there will be 3rd season or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ajin?

Ajin is Human-like species with some exceptional capabilities including immortality, regeneration, paralyzing stream, and can materialize a black ghost. The first Ajin was discovered about seventeen years ago in Africa.

Is Ajin English Dub available on Netflix?

Luckily, English dubbed and the show with English captions is available exclusively on Amazon. Moreover, you can also watch the dubbed version in DVD/Blu-ray through Amazon.

Who illustrated Ajin Manga?

Gamon Sakurai narrated Ajin – demi-human manga. The reading was quite easy and had a great narrative structure. Some amendments were made in the storyline while adapting to the anime. If you are the Manga lover, then ajin can be the perfect next pick for you.

Who should watch Ajin – demi human?

The show exhibits seriousness and mystery and acquaints us about some old creature with exceptional abilities. If you feel, you are the one who can enjoy ajin live-action, then do watch it.