Fan are all heavy-hearted as the iconic show- supernatural that spanned more than a decade is finally wrapped up. The seven episodes of supernatural season 15 are kept on hold and may air anytime soon in fall 2020. The show was set to air in March 2020. However, the production was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The filming of eighteen episodes has been completed however a little production work is remaining while the rest two episodes are yet to be filmed.

Supernatural season 15 to satisfy fans

Ackles has said that the finale is going to feel right and it is going to feel good and will put a lot of people in a position to enjoy the journey they had with us. He further added, ‘ this is what we feel about it and we are excited to tell the story. The ending is mysterious and fans have their fingers crossed that whether Wanchiter will lead the peaceful life or will sacrifice it for the larger good. The showrunner and executive producer said that we have explored every possibility and said we would make the ending that could make more sense to us. Wanchister’s half brother is also setting to return before the show ends.

Supernatural season 15 will resume filming now

Supernatural season 15 episodes will likely resume shooting the remaining seven episodes as production to start in Vancouver. Fans have known since the last march the show would be ending. Production on supernatural season 15 was halted with the eighteen. The producer promised that the show would get to witness the conclusion. Jensen Ackles however took it positively and said that the break has given cast and crew a break that provided everyone a chance to refocus. Simply put, the initial steps in filming or finalizing the show are now underway.

Premise – Supernatural

The story revolves around Winchester’s brother who lost their mother to demonic supernatural force and eventually become a soldier as their father taught them about some paranormal evil and how to kill it. The Winchester brother hunts down every evil or demon they encounter, The show ran for more than a decade and now finally coming end. Let’s dive in and find out all about Supernatural season 15 including cast, episodes, and the reason why season fifteen is going to be the last.

Why Supernatural is ending?

Like anything else, supernatural had to come to an end which was tough for the viewers, cast and crew. When it was announced that the series would be renewed for ‘Supernatural season 15’, Jenson posted a video to his Instagram account along with Jared and Misha that season 15 is going to be the final run-up calling supernatural as an institution and confessing the show has changed his and co-star’s life. However, he also kept the audience to speculate about is season 15 of the supernatural season going to be the end saying, ‘”Though nothing ever really ends in Supernatural … does it?”

Jared Padalecki struggle with Depression

Jared has been the most outspoken person from the entire cast of the show. His involvement with the non-profit Write Love on Her Arms and struggle with the depression could be the reason why the supernatural is ending. He even said that he always wanted to be an actor but now don’t possess such drive in his life and further added that he wanted to put this particular chapter of acting to an end or at least on hold for a while, the actor was simply not happy at where he was in his life and had a breakdown during the shooting of season 3.

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The Show had to end

When the show has been on as long as supernatural it is easier for the audience to find faults in the storyline and that makes creating more season a challenge. Moreover, the star of the show also had some other endeavors to look after. The celebrity themself confessed that it was the toughest decision to end the show for good. “It wasn’t an easy decision. It was months and months, if not years of discussion. …on rotten tomatoes, the show has over 90 approval rating but the show had to come to an end.

Supernatural season 15 cast

The main cast of the show includes the members that have been part of this iconic horror show for more than a decade.

  • Jared Padalecki
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Alexander Calvert
  • Misha Collins

Guest stars: Jim Beaver and DJ Qualls were the special guests and the following stars appeared on the different episodes of the final season of the supernatural 15.

  • Ruth Connell
  • David Haydn-Jones
  • Osric Chau
  • Rob Benedict
  • Emily Swallow
  • Emily Perkins
  • Ty Olsson
  • Anna Grace Barlow
  • Shoshannah Stern
  • Christian Kane
  • Dimitri Vantis as Sergei


Fans are heavy-hearted that after a long journey their favorite horror show is about to end. The cast of the show will have future endeavors and we are wishing them good luck! Jenson Ackles has collaborated with a friend, Steve Carlson. on an album called ‘Radio Company’ whereas Jared has a new show called “Texas Ranger.”The just however released 13 episodes on amazon prime as the rest of the episodes were in production when this global pandemic arose and that made the whole process to hold on for some time being,