Oriental longhair was first recognized in 1995 by CFA. These cats possess the recessive longhair gene. Being a member of the Siamese breed, they have almond-shaped eyes, angular head with large ears. The oriental shorthair is generally a  medium-sized cat with weight ranging from 8-12 lbs. Such cats possess a high level of locomotion level and are more curious and active about surrounding.  Read on to know more about oriental and black oriental shorthair cats.

Personality traits of Oriental cat

A breed that is developed from Siamese cat and various coat colors possess the following personality traits.

  • Orientals love the height and are jump lovers, therefore, perches and cat trees should be provided.
  • The breed is sleek yet muscular.
  • These cats are not just beautiful but intelligent too,
  • The oriental cats are more affectionate and want their parent to be as collaborative as they are to their parents.
  • You can train her to do anything you like.
  • These cats are more talkative and tend to live more than usual breeds.

Health Risks

Due to close relation with Siamese, these cats die due to the problems that are also common in Siamese like asthma, congenital heart defects, lymphoma, Nystagmus, crossed eyes, and more. The presence of a high risk of retinal degeneration is also common. Moreover, fewer incidents are recorded when these cats overweight when neutered.

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It is the member of the Siamese family of breeds and can be seen in various colors and patterns including smoke, shaded, particolored, tabby, bicolor, The sleek, and long body will not accumulate the extra fat. These cats are playful and love to play with toys.

oriental shorthair


The 1910s and 1920s in Britain, Siamese cats used to be immensely popular, sooner the breeders decided that solid color will be eliminated later the breeds with solid color was called as “foreign shorthair” and those with a myriad of colors and patterns are categorized as oriental –  A Siamese cat with various color coats. With time when orientals started producing longhair kittens then they were considered as a separate breed and named as ‘ Oriental longhair’,

Do oriental cats live long?

Oriental shorthair has a large life expectancy and they live between 12 to 15 years.

Are oriental cats expensive?

The cost of a cat is contingent upon the breed you choose. However, you must be prepared to pay anything between $600 to $3000 for an ordinary to outstanding appearance cat.

What Breed of Cats talks the most?

Siamese cats are vocal and can talk all day long.

How to identify if the cat is oriental?

To figure out if the cat is oriental, it is good to closely examine if the cat has a long sleek body with angular head and almond-shaped blue-green eyes. If the cats have all these attributes, it is most likely you are seeing an oriental cat.

Do oriental cats shed?

The oriental cats do not shed as often nor their sleek fur requires brushing every single day.