Has the question of whether the smile dog creepypasta is real or not popped into your head? Here we will be unpacking some of the things regarding smile.dog. Like any creepypasta, the first event occurred in the narrator’s own life. in general, these are just chain words and we are well aware that chain words make buzz for an extended period. moreover, there also many smile.jpg that claim to be a smiling dog. However, the story is yet to be unfolded and many are saying it as a myth while some find it the scariest. The article is compiled after putting the valuable data regarding this demonic creature.

Is smile dog Creepypasta real?

There is an unending debate whether a smile dog gif we see on the internet has a real story associated or not. The story is a classic horror set up where a student visits a house of the lady who has locked herself up on the room and ranting about nightmares and other problems. Most of the problems revolve around a floppy disk that contains the image of a creepy dog smiling. Viewing image can trigger insanity, the only way to save oneself is obeying the order of that deadly nature. The smiling dog orders you to spread the words if someone does it, this will save him and the cycle will keep circulating to other persons.

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What horror smile dog meme caused?

There is an unending debate whether the smiling dog Creepypasta is real or not. Smile Dog story has not a clear origin. The creepy smile meme was making chaos but the reality about it is yet to be discovered. According to most of the people, it was a chain of words intending to spread the horror. The story was about a college student who came across a woman who was psychologically traumatized by Creepy smile meme or smile.dog. the women viewing the women eventually led her to suicide. The image is indeed horrifying as we see a Siberian husky dog appear out of the shadow. The teeth are more sinister and human-like. If you see the image closely, you will see a human hand coming from behind.

As per the experts

‘When you stare at the image long enough, the dog whispers to you, telling you to spread the word.  If you don’t, you’ll be plagued with nightmares and even epileptic fits in your sleep’

If you share it with others, the nightmare comes to an end.

What do you know about Smile.jpg?

A haunting image or smile.jpg that has been circulating the internet for some decades possess a viewpoint that those who view it find it as insane, it has also been said that these images are the result of epileptic seizures. Many of the victims, see a smiling dog asking them to spread the words and most of the victims also receive a removable media with no sending address. Inside the email, there is another smile.jpg that next victim is asked to spread to others.


We call Dog is man’s best friend but a smile dog is one that ignites Satan. The images added in the article are the rough portrayal of a smile dog and according to the story, one who sees it can trigger incurable insanities for the viewer. Snopes and Wikipedia have not published any article regarding it and any attempt to create something similar to it gets automatically deleted by the administration of those sites.


What are 12 Scariest Creepypasta Characters?  

The 12 creepypasta characters that are considered scariest include Robert the doll, Expressionless, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, SCP-173, and Ben drowned, Jeff the Killer, The Rake, Smile dog, slender man, and bloody painter.

What is the origin of the smile dog story?

The origin of the story is unknown. But according to some sources, it’s been posted on the /x/ paranormal board on 4chan in 2008.

What breed of dog is smile dog?

As per the rough portrayal of this demonic creature has more resemblance with Siberian husky.

Who is Sally Williams?

Sally Williams is 8 years old, the youngest creepypasta. She was a sweet little girl but when fate turned against her, she was rapped and killed by her Uncle Johnny after she ratted him out.

How does a smile dog can kill?

If the victim resists for a long time, the smile dog will eventually manifest into the real-world and end the victim’s suffering by painfully killing him.